July 13, 2017

This month's exclusive #stitchventure collaboration is with one of my favorite artists (as well as my friend), Kelly Klapstein of Kelly Creates! It has always been a dream of mine to offer exclusive patterns from my favorite makers & artists and I am just so excited that Kelly is teaming up with us this month to offer you hand lettered beauty! Read on to learn a little more about her process, what inspires her the most, as well as get a sneak peak at a few of her new projects coming up. 

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1. How did Kelly Creates get its start? 
About seven years ago, I joined an online scrapbooking forum and came up with the name "Kelly Creates." Shortly after, I started a blog, sharing crafty tutorials and began writing for Creative Scrapbooker magazine. I kept the name "Kelly Creates" for my blog and now it's my website where I share my art, lettering and DIY projects, plus sell digital printable calligraphy worksheets.

kelly klapstein2. What is your favorite piece you have made and how did you develop the idea for it?
I think my favorite piece is "You Are Strong" which is a line drawing piece of word art of a woman's profile with empowering phrases written in her wavy, flowing hair. I was inspired by an online jewelery company that I was collaborating with called The Starfish Project whose mission is to help and empower women to escape from human trafficking in Asia.

3. What currently inspires your work the most?
Currently...and in the past....I am still inspired by nature and just wish I had the time to draw and paint greenery and botanicals all day long. 

4. Do you have any tips/advice for anyone wanting to dive into brush lettering?
Brush lettering is so easy to dive into, just get a brush pen and smooth paper and begin! Stop watching others doing it though (even I'm guilty of admiring someone else doing some art or craft online and not trying it, but wanting to try it). The day I 

kelly creates Kelly klapsteindecided to pick up a brush pen (that had been sitting in my studio for MONTHS) was a life changing day for me. Patience is important too! If you want to speed up the process of learning a little bit, then try my tracing guide worksheets.

5. What is the one question you are asked the most?
The one question I'm asked the most is, "What does your real handwriting look like?" Well, it's a mess like everyone else's! I have posted it on Instagram a couple of time to keep things real. ;)

6. Anything new happening with Kelly Creates you want to share?
Oh, there is always something new happening. I am developing some online video workshops to use with my brush lettering worksheets, and I am also designing some new worksheets with different alphabet styles. My workshop travel schedule is so much fun...with new destinations like Dallas, Nashville, Salt Lake City, and L.A.! 

7. Who is your favorite maker/creator at the moment?
My latest maker crush is Ashley Claire, who designs gorgeous metal stamped typography jewelery. Her work is stunning, simple, beautiful and meaningful.

8. Describe yourself in three words.
Artistic. Curious. Gentle. 

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