'Water is Life' Special Hand Embroidery Workshop on March 12th

'Water is Life' Special Hand Embroidery Workshop on March 12th

March 07, 2017

Live in the St. Louis area and want to learn hand embroidery (while also contributing to a great cause)

Then signing up for my workshop on March 12th at The Journey Metro-East!

This beginner hand embroidery workshop was created to raise funds to go towards water projects across the world (Flint Michigan, Sacred Stone Camp, Charity Water, etc). This first month will be funding my husband's charity water campaign (for his birthday). You can learn more about his campaign here

Attendees of this TWO HOUR entry level hand embroidery workshop will:  

  • Receive (and complete) an entire pre-printed hand embroidery kit with all the essentials needed to make a project (see photo for the design for this special class)
  • Learn my favorite basic hand embroidery techniques (splitting threads, tying off threads, etc) 
  • Learn TWO entry level hand embroidery stitches 
  • Learn finishing techniques for the project 

This workshop is for all skill levels and comes with a full hand embroidery kit for each attendee. Kits include full instructions for completing project (just in case attendees do not have enough time to finish) as well as contain all the supplies needed. 

The workshop is limited to 20 attendees, so make sure to head on over and purchase your seat today! 

Please leave any questions below in the comments (or send me an email at hello@gulush.com)

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